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 [HTML] Basic Tags

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PostSubject: [HTML] Basic Tags   Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:37 am

Basic tags:



In every HTML page/file it always starts of with the tag "<html>". This tags identifies it as a HTML File. The <head> tag is where you put your header such as the title of the page. Now the <title> tag is where you name the page like when you are in a page look at the tab bar and it tells you the title that is what I mean. Right now I am on a page named "Post a new topic". The </title> is a closing tag that tells the browser that it's the end of the title. Most people know BBCode am I right? just like in BBCode when you want to wrap BBCode around it its [BBCode] ~~TEXT~~ [/BBCode] it's the same as HTML but instead of "[ ]" its "< >" and different commands lol. Now the <body> tag after this tag is all the text you want on your web page. As I said before about the BBCode here are similar tags you can use in <body>.
Bold: To open "<b>" to close "</b>"
Italic: To open "<i>" to close "</i>"
Underlined: To open "<u>" to close "</u>"
Now before we finish our HTML page we have to close <body> with </body> an then end the html page with </html>

[HTML] Basic Tags
Created by: FoodFx

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PostSubject: Re: [HTML] Basic Tags   Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:07 pm

Nice but you dont need to define the html tag every time. Also, any CSS is placed in the header tags aswell. And you forgot DOCTYPE which is the most important part of a webpage. It identifies what version of HTML is being used, if DOCTYPE is not defined then the browser will render the page in "Quirks Mode" which isnt ideal for a complete website.
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[HTML] Basic Tags

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