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 Explanation of Binary Code

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PostSubject: Explanation of Binary Code   Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:57 am

Cracking the Code:

To understand binary code, it is important to first understand exactly what the code is and the functions it serves. Binary code is a breakdown of complex language into very simple zeros and ones. For instance, the binary code for the letter "A" is 01000001, the code for "B" is 01000010 and "C" is 01000011.

In essence, binary code is merely a translation of an understandable language into what has come to be known as computer language. While there are many derivatives of binary computer language, each with the goal of presenting enhanced understandability for programmers, all derivative languages are converted into binary code for processing by a computer's CPU (central processing unit).


Using a broad perspective, the individual zeros and ones in binary code are predetermined instructions for the processor that reads it. Binary code manipulates a series of circuits into a recognizable pattern of "off" and "on" electrical pathways. This series of circuits might be compared to the teeth of a very intricate key, which produces a specific action from the CPU that has been preprogrammed to understand understand each pattern and respond. As the code is read, zeros traditionally switch a circuit off, while ones switch the next circuit on, until a unique pattern is produced from each code.


The purpose of each binary code, representing letters, numbers and symbols, is to display the translated result on the computer screen. In its simplest form, the binary code in computer language translates into the activation, or lack thereof, of each individual pixel on the computer's screen, eventually determining the shape of each letter -- represented by a series of pixels -- as well as its color, shade and size.

As each pixel becomes its designated color more rapidly than the human eye can detect, a very complex picture is formed, showing the computer's user a single image for a predetermined amount of time. This image is then replaced with the next, and the process continues to produce the illusion of a moving picture and the electronic signals required to transmit sound through the computer's speakers.


The usefulness of binary code has proven itself throughout the modern world in multitudes of audio-visual technology and communications devices. Because binary code is the basis of electronic communication, this seemingly simple language has radically transformed the modern world into a faster, clearer and stronger technologically based society with virtually limitless possibilities.

Simple explanation of Binary Code made by me with some help from:
- Kevin Freeman
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Explanation of Binary Code

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